About Us

We were born to eat

Ever since we were children, growing up in different regions of France, we shared an obsession with food.

In La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast, Christophe grew up fishing for eels to bring home to make “la persillade d’anguille” (pan fried eels in parsley and butter) or frog catching with his older brother, using a wooden stick, some string and an old pair of their mum's tights!

Meanwhile, 600km north-east in Rheims, whilst Brigitte’s brother was spending his pocket money on toys, Brigitte was investing hers in cheese, cured meat or a pot of honey.

It is perhaps no surprise therefore that we wound up together, shortly after Brigitte’s first mouthful of Christophe’s legendary Crayfish and Chicken Risotto. But why did we settle here in Bath, in the South West of England?

There are several reasons:

  • First, because we fell in love with the people, their sense of humour and the beauty of Bath and the surrounding countryside.
  • Second, because the region provides us with incredible ingredients for our kitchen, produced with real care and craftsmanship.
  • Third because we love the long, hot summers.*

* This is not true

Today we live in Larkhall, a friendly neighbourhood in Bath where locals pop into the shop for a coffee and a chat about food, ingredients, French cooking and good eating.

Our obsession is as strong as ever and today we share our passion with people all over the country through our authentic French meals.


Ma Cuisine gourmet French meals

From our kitchen we create authentic, gourmet French meals, using local British ingredients wherever possible. No additives. No preservatives. No colourings.

All our meals, including all the stocks and sauces, are hand-made in small batches in our beloved kitchen and then fast-frozen to retain all of their freshness, goodness and flavour.

We supply them frozen and ready to pop in the oven or microwave so you can enjoy all the classic flavours of the French kitchen without all of the effort!


Christophe Lacroix

Christophe was born into a large family in La Rochelle, Charente Maritime where the kitchen was the family hub. He was inspired by his mother’s love of cooking and grew up helping prepare the meals and learning the secret family recipes. By 5 years of age he knew he wanted to be a chef.

He began his training in traditional French cooking aged 14, working in a Michelin-starred restaurant in La Rochelle. Over the following years his career flourished, working with famous chefs in French restaurants and chateaux, then travelling the world as private chef to Russian oligarchs and Hollywood superstars.

While owning a French brasserie (Le Petit Cochon) in Bath, Christophe started packing and freezing some of his "a la carte" dishes for regular customers to take home. Word got about in Bath and beyond and a few years later Ma Cuisine’s online shop was born, offering national delivery.

Favourite regional dish: Plateau de Fruits de Mer. “Although I love meat passionately, I was raised on seafood from the Atlantic coast and it is still a regular craving of mine. Langoustines, crevettes, crab, oysters, sea urchins, clams and more. It’s my soul food!


Brigitte left home in Rheims at 16 with a love of good food, great ingredients and generous entertaining. Her mother’s parting words were “I didn’t have time to teach you how to cook so you’re either going to have to learn quickly or marry a chef!” She chose the easier route.

Brigitte now splits her time between running the business and enthusiastically performing the task of official taster.

Favourite regional dish: La Potee Champenoise. “It’s a slow cooked stew of smoked sausages, salt pork, ham hock, smoked pork, carrot, cabbage, potato. And it’s to die for!